‘Tis the Season to Make a Shutterbug Happy: 2021 Irix Gift Guide

The holiday season is drawing near. Chances are, you might feel stressed right now if your gift shopping list includes getting something for a video or still photographer, but you’re unsure what that something should be.

Our team here at Irix USA is full of passionate photographers and videographers creating exactly the kind of camera gear we have always wished for. So, we know a thing or two about wish lists for shutterbugs.

To help make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve put together a gift guide packed with perfect gift suggestions for anyone who is into creating brilliant photos and video. 

For a limited time, we’ll also include a free Irix Expedition LED winter hat with every order over $100. (It’s a perfect stocking stuffer!) If you buy three or more Irix lenses in one transaction, we’ll even throw in a free Irix Expedition softshell jacket valued at $99.

Still lenses

The Irix range of still photography lenses has something for every photographer. Our 11mm f/4.0 rectilinear wide-angle lens and 15mm f/2.4 wide-angle lens share some incredibly handy features like a focus lock mechanism, click-stop at infinity, user-friendly hyperfocal scale, and a rear gelatin filter slot.

These lenses are available in two different finishes called Firefly and Blackstone. Both types have identical optical quality. The only differences are in the housing:

  • Firefly models are built from lightweight composite material and come with anti-slip rubber coating and clearly printed markings. 
  • The premium Blackstone variants feature a tough aluminum and magnesium alloy body for extra durability. The markings are engraved and UV-light reactive so that you can easily work in low-light conditions.

Our separate Dragonfly range includes 30mm, 45mm and 150mm lenses made to work in hard conditions. Dragonfly lenses include a reinforced internal structure, scratch resistant finish and sealing to protect against dust and water.

The 30mm f/1.4 Dragonfly full frame lens includes a brand new 11-blade aperture design with rounded edges for beautifully smooth backgrounds

Irix 45mm f/1.4 Dragonfly is an affordable, quality alternative giving fans of ‘normal’ lens photography the best of both 35mm and 50mm lenses in a single product. 

Meanwhile, macro photographers will absolutely love the 150mm f/2.8 Dragonfly 1:1 macro lens, which has won multiple awards for design, quality and value for money.

All of our still photography lenses are available for Canon, Nikon, and Pentax cameras and the 45mm f/1.4 is also available in Fuji GFX mount.

Cine Lenses

We’ve designed our Irix Cine lenses to help videographers record beautifully sharp and detailed video at up to 8K resolution. With rubber seals in all the right places, these lenses are protected against rain and dust, ready to shoot anywhere from burning deserts to frozen peaks. Focus and aperture marks are engraved and filled with UV paint, making them visible even in low light.

With a unique design and relentless focus on ergonomics, all Cine lenses have standardized front and filter thread diameters, angles of rotation, and distance between gear rings.

Our Cine lens range is available for L, MFT and PL mounts, Canon EF and RF, Sony E and Nikon Z cameras. Check out more information about each Cine lens here:

Irix Edge square filters and IFH-100-Pro filter holder

Filters are an essential tool in the field and make a perfect gift for every photographer and videographer. Our innovative square filter system includes lots of useful filters and a filter holder designed to be easy to use in the field.

Neutral density (ND) filters work to reduce how much light enters the camera, helping to smooth choppy water and even make moving objects, such as people, disappear. Our gradual ND filters help to darken one part of the image while other parts remain unaffected. Many photographers rely on these filters to produce well-exposed, dramatic-looking landscape images.

The Irix Edge IFH-100-PRO filter holder can fit two 100mm filters and a circular polarizer at the same time. Quick and easy to mount, the IFH-100-PRO works on most camera lenses with a filter diameter between 52mm and 95mm (adapters sold separately). 

Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case

Working in the field, photographers need to move fast to avoid losing the light, so organization is key! The Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case can house an IFH-100-Pro filter holder loaded with two filters, meaning filters are set up and ready to go on short notice. There’s also room for a third filter in a dedicated pocket. To help keep the filters in mint condition, the case is made from durable and water-resistant material on the outside with lots of soft padding inside.

Irix Edge Light Pollution Filter

Irix Edge Light Pollution Filter: CEO Hubert Adamczyk
Photo by CEO Hubert Adamczyk

Now for a cracker of a gift suggestion for anyone into astrophotography, urban or street photography…

Most photographers struggle with light pollution, which can cause a yellow haze in photos taken in or near cities at night. Our unique Irix Edge Light Pollution Filter removes the yellow haze and helps produce night-time images with beautifully natural colors right out of the camera. It’s available in sizes from 67mm to 95mm diameter.

Irix Edge ND1000 filter

Our 10-stop, Irix Edge ND1000 neutral density filter will work a treat for photographers looking to shoot long exposures in the daytime. This is a great tool for making people ‘disappear’ from city scenes or smoothing out moving water without having to rely on time-consuming photo editing software.

The Edge ND1000 is available as a circular screw-on filter in sizes between 52mm and 95mm. It also comes as a square 100x100mm filter that will fit beautifully in most 100mm filter holders, including the Irix IFH-100-PRO.

Irix Edge ND32000 filter

If a 10-stop ND filter isn’t enough, check out the Irix Edge ND32000 neutral density filter. With an optical density of 4.5, this filter adds a whole 15 stops of exposure time, allowing for five-minute exposures even on sunny days. 

Irix Edge ND32000 is available as a circular 95mm filter and a square 100x100mm filter for use with the Irix IFH-100-PRO and most other 100mm filter holders.

Irix Edge Magnetic Filters

Made specifically for our Cine Lenses, we’ve designed Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters to be changed out quickly and easily during recording. As with all of our filters, the MMS range features high-quality glass and multi-layer anti-reflective coating for excellent contrast and sharpness, while moisture and dirt repellent NANO coating ensures easy maintenance.

We’ve integrated a strong magnetic mounting system into all Irix Cine lenses to create a secure fit for your filter, perfect even for demanding action sequences. There’s no thread on these filters, so they’re super-thin; and you can stack multiple MMS filters together on the lens.

Aside from multiple ND filters, the Irix Edge MMS range includes a UV filter and a circular polarizing filter.

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