New Irix Cine Fuji X lens mount

New Mount! Irix Cine line expands with Fujifilm X-mount

We’re happy to announce we are expanding our Cine line by adding one more system – Fujifilm X.

Irix film optics have gained recognition for their extensive selection of mounts, and now we are making waves again by adding Fujifilm X to the lineup. All lenses in our line-up were designed with filmmakers at the forefront, giving them flexibility and creativity when tackling any project. Not only do these lenses provide beautiful bokeh effects, but also preserve colors & details – reducing post-production time while simultaneously providing a unique style that can take your footage to another level!

Need to quickly adapt between scenes? With our steadicam and gimbal-compatible lenses, you can switch out your kit in a flash! Conveniently designed with aligned aperture/focusing rings plus the same size & weight throughout – no need for rebalancing. And worry not about environmental factors- each lens is equipped with special sealings to protect them from dust, sand, or water.

The full line-up of our Irix Cine lenses:

  • 11mm T4.3 lens
  • 15mm T2.6 lens
  • 21mm T.1.5 lens
  • 30mm T1.5 lens
  • 45mm T1.5 lens
  • 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 lens
  • 150mm T3.0 Tele lens

Available mounts: Fuji X, Canon EF, Canon RF, L-mount, MFT, Nikon Z, PL-mount, Sony E

More information about the Irix products in the US can be found on the official US webpage

All the Irix Cine Fuji X lenses are now available at the recommended retail price of 1195 USD  for each focal length. You can find them on the Irix USA website and through our list of official resellers.

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