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NEW Lens Correction Profiles for the Irix 15mm f/2.4 and 11mm f/4!

Customers asked. Irix listened.

Irix customers requested updates to the lens correction profiles for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom and the manufacturer has delivered. The news posted on their website a few days ago announced not only the improvements asked for, but 2 new video tutorials to help install the new profiles.

…more accurate correction data for distortion and vignetting…

The improvements include more accurate correction data for distortion and vignetting, along with more standard cataloging within Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. The earlier version of the profiles required the user to look up the profile under the name of the camera manufacturer. This updated version can be found under the Irix name after installation. Correction for vignetting is precise and completely automatic once the lens has been selected. Remember, radial distortion is well-controlled in these lenses, so the noticeable effect will be minimal. You will notice an increase in exposure at the corners of your images.

more standard cataloging within Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Then new lens profiles are available for download here. (zip file)

The installation videos have been provided in response to questions about how to install the profiles. Although they’re available on the Irix Youtube channel, we’re providing them for you below. (You’ll want to view them in full screen mode.) There’s one video for Windows and another for Mac. You only need to install these in one folder to use them in both Lightroom and ACR.

Here’s the Mac version:

And the Windows version:

Irix is dedicated to delivering quality and precision in their products and excellent customer service. Find out more at irixusa.com!

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Written by Dana Crandell


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  1. I have installed the lens correction profiles as your video shows but the IRIX lens isn’t listed within Camera Raw. Using Photoshop CC. It does show and work in Lightroom. What can be done to allow use in CameraRaw within Photoshop CC?

    • Hi, Clarence. If the profiles are installed in the directory shown in the video, they should be listed in both LR and ACR. Please open Creative Cloud and make sure your CC apps are up to date.

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