Irix Variable ND Filters

New: Irix Variable ND Filters

A new series of ultra slim 2-5 stops Irix Variable Neutral Density filters

We are expanding our product line by introducing the new range of Irix Edge Ultra Slim Variable Neutral Density – VariND Filters. These new filters are available in both traditional screw-in filters as well as in our MMS series (Magnetic Mount System). The MMS series is designed for our Irix Cine lenses. 

Both versions are one of the thinnest filters of its kind on the market, therefore avoiding a lot of vignetting. The MMS version, for example, is 51% thinner than most similar filters. This means it is less than three quarters stacked on top of each other.

Irix Variable ND Filter (MMS)
Irix Variable ND Filter (MMS)

Irix Variable ND Filters Key Features:

  • Top optical quality – the Irix Edge filters have been developed with the highest quality optical glass, guaranteeing a maximum of light transmission
  • Ultra thin – only 4.7mm for the MMS version, with a no slip finish, making this one of the most compact variable ND filters on the market
  • The filter frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Its surface has been covered with a black coating
  • 24 Multi Coating layers for reduced reflections, making them oil resistant and water resistant.
  • Super Resistance (SR Series) – because we used a special choice of resistant glass, the filter is designed to survive almost any situation (available only in the MMS variant).
Irix Edge Variable ND Filter on Irix Cine 45mm T1.5
Irix Edge Variable ND Filter on the Irix Cine 45mm T1.5

What are Irix VariND or Irix Variable Neutral Filters

Variable ND filters are constructed using two polarizing filters. By rotating them, they cut off light. This allows the filters to be lighter. Instead of carrying multiple ND filters, you can use just one filter and adjust it according to the situation you need to work in. 

Many filters on the market allow an almost full closure of the variable ND. With infinite rotation, they can go almost black. In theory this is a feature but in real-life, it ends up being very problematic. Due to the construction of variable ND filters, the more you close them, the more “artifacts” will be added to the image, as well as a loss of sharpness and color. That’s why we have designed the Irix Edge VariND filters to work with a range of 2-5 stops – to keep color rendition and sharpness unchanged.

Irix Variable ND Filters

Availability and prices

The Irix Edge 2-5 Variable ND filters are available in two versions, a traditional screw-in series with an ultra thin frame, available in the most popular sizes: 67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 95mm. And an MMS version – The Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System. These filters have a strong magnetic mount that is compatible with the Irix Cine lenses. This will allow you to quickly and easily change filters while filming and thus save valuable time on set.

Retail prices for the screw-in version start from 115USD for 67mm up to 215USD for 95mm, wile the MMS version has a retail price of 225USD.

You can find more information about these new filters and there availability in the US on our website

Irix Variable ND Filters (Screw-in versions)

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