Irix Edge SR Square Filters

NEW: Irix Edge SR (Super Resistant) Square Filters

We’re expanding the range of our 100mm square filters.

We are expanding our line of 100mm square filters by introducing the new Super Resistance (SR) version. The SR line was first introduced 2 years ago when we launched the first SR filter: the Irix Edge CPL SR filter in 95mm. We have since then launched more filters in the new SR version and now it is time to launch our Square Filters with all the benefits of the SR line.

The new SR version not only provides outstanding protection during photo shoots but also provides accurate color rendition with superior sharpness and contrast. The new SR generation of Irix Edge filters have an exceptional resistance to mechanical damage such as impact. They also have an increased scratch resistance. These features, combined with our NANO (water and dirt-repelling) coating, will allow for many years of trouble-free use.

Irix Edge SR Square Filters Lineup:

Soft Gradual – for uneven lighting conditions. Light transitions from ND to clear. Available variants:

Irix Edge SR Square Filters Soft Gradual

Hard Gradual – for situations where the light changes more drastically like landscapes where the sky is much brighter than the ground and scenes where the horizon is flat and regular like the sea or wide-open plans. Available variants:

Irix Edge SR Square Filters Hard Gradual

Reverse Gradual – for sunsets and sunrises, with the darkest part right in the middle of the image. Available variants:

Irix Edge SR Square Filters Gradual ND

Full ND – to reduce the light that reaches the camera’s sensor evenly in the entire image. Ideal to create lower shutter speeds in bright situations. Available variants:

Irix Edge SR Square Filters Full ND

Irix Edge Filter Holders

Like our other Edge 100mm filters, the new SR Square Filters can be used with the Irix IFH-100 and Irix IFH-100 PRO filter holders or with any other standard 100mm filter holder.

Irix Edge Traveller Case

Like all our Irix Edge 100mm Square filters, the new SR filters are also compatible with our Irix Edge Traveler Case. Easily transport your square filters with your filter holder in this rigid, water resistant little case.

Price and availability

The new Irix Edge SR Square Filters are now available for purchase in the US through our own website or through our official resellers.

Prices: 125 USD for the the Full ND filters and 149 USD for the Gradual ND Filters.

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