New Irix Cine Lens Caps are now available

When we first launched our Cine lens line, people were very impressed with the quality of the glass, which was our main goal of course, but they were not so impressed with the lens caps we had designed. And we had to agree… they were not ideal.

So we redesigned the lens caps. The previous one didn’t allow you to put the lens up-side down. The new and improved cap is flat and slides over the top of the lens. Thanks to this you can now leave your lens upside down on a table and not worry about it wobbling anymore!

Our latest Cine lens, the Irix 30mm T1.5 is the first lens to have the new cap.

The new lens caps are now also available for each of the lenses that did not have the flat cap. You can purchase them individually or as a set if you have all the Irix Cine lenses.

Irix flat lens cap for 11mm T4.3: Click here

Irix flat lens cap for 15mm T2.6: Click here

Irix flat lens cap for 45mm T1.5: Click here

Irix flat lens cap for 150mm T3.0 Macro: Click here

Set of all four flat lens caps: Click here

Written by Sarah

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