Irix Cine 21mm T1.5

NEW: Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 Full Frame Cinema Lens

Today we introduce the all new, Full Frame Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 Lens. This new lens, just like our previous Irix cine lenses, is a full-frame lens designed for shooting with the newest cameras on the market, including Ultra HD 8K+ cinema cameras.

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5

The Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens’ optical design includes 4 Extra-low Dispersion glass elements, 4 High Reflective elements and 2 Aspherical lenses. There are a total of 15 elements in 11 groups. An image circle of 43,3mm (diagonally) completely covers every sensor size from Full Frame 35 down to 1/3” sensors. The circular, 11-blade iris construction provides a pleasant background blur and a smooth adjustment in range from T1.5 to T16. There is practically no focus breathing (below 1 degree in full range from 0,3m to infinity). The lens is also distortion free (lower than 2%).

Irix Cine 21mm Lens Construction

Irix Cine lenses are designed to provide substance. They are supposed to have that “special look”,  an unidentified special thing that makes the movie stand out. Irix lenses come with their own cinematic look, the “Irix look”. 

The “Irix Cine Look”

Round-shaped blades and a shallow depth of field will cut your subject out from the background. The unique bokeh draws the contours of your subject to make them stand out. The soft highlights and subtle mist will smooth out those light streaks that show up on other lenses, providing stunning footage in every frame.

Catch every moment

The Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens gives freedom to your creativity. It’s wide, but not wide enough to cause distortion. With this focal length, all proportions are kept and your subject will look exactly like you see them compared to wider lenses. With those characteristics, the lens works great for tight spaces, where we need to shoot, for example, people.

Whether you’re cruising with your gimbal in-between dancing people at a wedding or shooting an action scene, where you want to get really close, the image you will obtain with the Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 will look like it was taken with a much more narrow lens. Getting this close was very important, for example, in the movie Revenant. There DOP Emmanuel Lubezki was able to get very dynamic shots and make the viewer feel like they are right there with the actors by using lenses with similar focal lengths to the 21mm.

Irix Cine 21mm

The fast T1.5 opens up unlimited possibilities to shoot in any light conditions without going too high on your ISO, also providing a bokeh that will stand out and the weather sealing protects the lens in any weather conditions. 

Irix Cine 21mm

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 Cinematic Design

The new Irix Cine 21mm T1.5, just like the other Irix Cine lenses, is designed and made in accordance with the standards of the professional film industry. They are all combining the traditional lens solutions and modern innovations.

All Irix Cine lenses have a front size of 95mm and geared Mod 0.8 M rings, which ensure compatibility with most accessories available on the market, like follow focus or matte boxes. All of the lenses are thoroughly tested to make sure they keep the highest standards. The focus and aperture rings of all of them are aligned at the same distance and they have the same rotation angle. With the exception of the Irix 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1, where a longer 270 degrees focus throw is necessary, the rest of the Irix Cine range have ring rotations of 180 degrees for the focus ring and 75 degrees for the aperture ring.

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 on RED Komodo

Ready for any shooting conditions

Irix lenses are designed to work in any weather conditions that humans can handle. It doesn’t matter if your new film will be made in a very hot and humid jungle, in the desert or the snow of the North Pole. The lenses are resistant to rain, sand, snow or dust. Engraved markings on the lens have been filled with UV-reactive paint, which makes filming in difficult lighting conditions much easier.

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 Weather Sealing

Lightweight and compact design

Irix Cine lenses are one of the most compact and lightest film lenses covering the full frame format. The housing of the new 21mm T1.5 is made in the same way as the other lenses from the Irix line-up: a lightweight but resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy. Thanks to this construction, the weight of the lens was reduced to 1.1 kg (2,4lbs). That is why Irix cine lenses can be used on smaller cameras on handheld rigs or stabilizers as well as on professional equipment. Moreover, all the Irix Cine lenses are equipped with a lens support foot – to provide better stabilization and comfort while working with follow focus systems. Depending on the needs, this support foot can be attached to the lower or upper part of the lens.

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 on Canon Eos R

Available mounts

The Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens will be available in the seven most popular industry mounts: Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Olympus MFT/ Panasonic MFT and Arri PL-mount

Price and availability

The new Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens will be available within the next few weeks. The prices are set at USD 1195 (USD 1295 for PL Mount version).

The lens is now available for pre-order in the US on the Irix USA website.

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