• Moreno Pereira posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Using the growing availability of movie and video sharing sites for example YouTube, Metacafe, Google video etc an even more and much more common requirement people have is "How must i download and save Web Video to my computer?" or "How may i download web video to playback on my own iPod?"

    An instant Search on the internet will give a number of sites offering Free Flv conversion, as well as a host of ads offering paid software products that offer similar services.

    So what type meets your needs?

    Firstly the disposable site offerings. A few of these do the position such as directly typing in the URL from sites including YouTube and this will download and reserve it for your computer as a flv apply for playback later. The principle disadvantage of many of these sites is that if then you definately need to convert the flv file to a different format like MP4 for the Ipod you must get a paid form of the program that will undertake it for you personally! However, if all that you should use is the downloaded flv file to playback on your hard drive then several sites will met your preferences.

    You’ll be able to convert flv files in 3 basic steps:

    1. Enter in the web video URL

    2. Choose your selected output options

    3. Hit the "Convert" button

    For details about https://fconvert.to/ please visit internet page: