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When Pei Chun heard the three words of the poisonous fox, he frowned lightly and said nothing. When Shang Gong saw that he looked disgusted, he was secretly pleased. “Have you seen two beggars near the city gate, Brother Pei?” He asked. Pei Chun nodded, and Shang Gong said directly, “Those two are the masters of the Poor Family Gang. They have rules. They use the number of cloth bags on their backs to distinguish their status in the gang.”. Since these two beggar masters are waiting for something, there is a poisonous fox who misbehaves here. You should understand the key, right? As far as Pei Chun could see, he nodded and said, “I see!”! The two masters of the Poor Family Gang had seven cloth bags on their backs. If it hadn’t been for Brother Shang’s advice, my younger brother would never have thought that these cloth bags had so many reasons! Shang Gong heard him say the number of cloth bags, which was quite unbelievable. Dark thought, his eyesight has always been very strong, this moment also can not see clearly, Pei Chun he is stronger than himself? But he did not say much, quickly vertical to the edge of the forest, raised his hand to throw out a thing, then invited away. The Rouge horse took a few steps forward, found something on the grass, chewed it and swallowed it. Shang Gongzhi said, “I, Shang Laohao, have no other hobbies in my life. I love to cheat and play tricks on others, so I have a lot of magic weapons in my pocket.”. A piece of medicine has been lost and the horse has swallowed it. “As soon as I see him, he will have a terrible pain in his abdomen and will hiss in disorder,filter nozzle, which will surely alarm the poisonous fox!” “What if you disturb her?” Asked Pei Chun. “When she saw that his horse was in such a mess,” said Shang Gong, “she must have examined the reason carefully. Then I told her that the two beggars had done it.” Pei Chun suddenly understood and said, “So you want to lure her out quickly. Can those two beggar uncles win her?” Shang Gong glared at him and thought, “He calls the beggars uncle and only calls me eldest brother. Am I not a generation lower than the beggar?” However, he remembered that he had already played a trick. Although he had suffered a little loss in his words, he didn’t have to care about it. So he said, “If they dare to wait for the poisonous fox, naturally they are somewhat sure. But the poisonous fox’s martial arts are very vicious and powerful. I think the outcome of this game is really unpredictable!”! Even though the two beggars have profound skills,disc air diffuser, the way of the poisonous fox’s martial arts is not afraid of them, but of one person! Pei Chun was greatly worried about the two beggar masters. “Who is she afraid of?” He asked. Shang Gong pointed straight to his nose and said, “Me!” Then he took out the short sword, which was about a foot long and inlaid with many jewels, and said, “Her master was once wounded by my sword, so she knows this sword. If you hide it in your sleeve and show it, she will surely run away with her head in her hands.” As soon as Pei Chun heard that the sword was of such great use, he hurriedly put it away. “Soon,” said Shang Gongzhi, “we’ll sweat and sit in the shade of this tree. When she comes out to see us, she’ll think we’re tired on our way and perch to enjoy the cool. So she’ll believe whatever I say.” In the twinkling of an eye, the Rouge horse hissed and jumped in disorder, and its cry gradually became shrill. Pei Chun was worried. “That horse won’t die, will it?” He asked. “I can’t die,” said Shang Gong. Use your internal force to force out sweat beads! Soon after the horse hissed, he saw a slender woman’s figure rushing from behind the forest and landing beside the red horse. The Rouge horse jumped for a while and then fell to the ground, multi disc screw press ,rapid sand filters, wailing. When Pei Chun saw the figure, he looked away because he was disgusted. Passed a little while, but listen to a woman accent to feed, it is very delicate and sweet. Shang Gongzhi answered, “Are you greeting us, girl?” When Pei Chun listened attentively, he said with a delicate accent, “Yes, have you two ever seen anyone pass by?” “Not long ago,” said Shang Gong, “two beggars passed by. They walked into the woods and turned around.” Pei Chun could not hear the answer, in the end is the young mind, secretly turned around, only to see a beautiful girl standing in front of a purple tight clothes, back slanting a lute, is also covered with purple cloth bag. Her eyes just withdrew from the city gate and fell on Pei Chun’s face. She smiled coldly and said, “But them?” It turned out that when Pei Chun avoided looking at her, his face was facing the city gate, and the beautiful woman in purple thought he was looking at the two beggars, so she had no doubt. Pei Chun saw her smile cold, eyebrows between a dense murderous look, but still so beautiful that people can not move their eyes, thought: This poisonous fox is really vicious and dissolute. Without waiting for Pei and Shang to answer, she ran to the city gate, only to see that her body was light and beautiful, and that although she was castrated quickly, she did not bring any strong wind. They waited for her to run more than ten Zhangs before they got up and hurried away. In the distance, they saw the girl in purple running up to the two beggars. She put on her fingers, jumped on her feet, and cursed them. Then she took off the lute on her back, took off the cloth bag, and waved and clapped. The two beggars each took out their weapons to fight. One is a seven-section steel whip, and the other is a long staff in his hand. A girl and two beggars started fighting on the road. In the sound, there was a sudden golden light on the lute, which hit the beggar with the whip. The beggar quit three steps, miserable hum 1, call way: “Brother has been poisoned by this cheap girl!” The stick beggar scolded angrily, “How dare a smelly girl hurt someone with a scorpion tail needle! I’ll fight with you!” Swinging his staff, the girl in purple said coldly, “You can’t escape from the evil beggar!” She dodged to avoid the enemy’s stick and swept the lute. She only used half of her moves. Suddenly, she changed her direction, and the opponent’s parry fell through. At this time, a line of golden light shot out from the belly of the lute, just hit the beggar’s right arm “Jianyu point”, and the steel stick fell to the ground, making a clanging sound. The girl in purple took advantage of the situation and beat the lute fiercely. The beggar could not lift his right arm, so he had to use his small posture to dodge. The other beggar with a whip could not move because he was hit by a needle in the acupoint on his leg, so he could not save him. When Pei Chun saw that the two beggars were about to die, he was so worried that he rushed up and shouted, “The poisonous fox must not hurt people..” The girl in purple was stunned. When she saw it was Pei Chun, she said angrily, “Are you calling me a poisonous fox?” Pei Chun thought that she didn’t like the nickname. Without saying much, he took out Shang Gongzhi’s dagger from his sleeve and said, “Miss,disc air diffuser, do you recognize this sword?” The girl in purple suddenly became very calm and said slowly, “This is the Seven Treasures Sword of the Southern Traitor Shang Gongzhi, isn’t it?” 。