Join us at PHOTOPLUS EXPO 2017!

Irix USA will be in NYC in October! We want to meet YOU!

Can you feel the excitement? We’re gearing up for a great time in New York City, meeting Irix shooters and making new friends!

The Irix USA staff will be at booth 929 at PhotoPlus Expo 2017, showing our products, answering questions and getting to know the photographers helping to put our lenses and accessories “on the map”.

*** UPDATE: Drop by our booth on Thursday, October 26th to meet renowned night photographer, instructor and Irix shooter, Lance Keimig! He’ll be joining us to talk about his work, his workshops and Irix lenses. He’ll also be hosting an evening Photo Walk on the same day! Don’t miss it!  Visit his website to see his awesome  offerings, including some great downloads!

In case you’re not familiar with the Expo, it’s the biggest photography event on the continent. Nearly 20,000 professional and amateur photographers and techies from around the world gather every year to see the latest and greatest in photo and imaging gear, attend workshops by the world’s top professionals and drink in the essence of photography.

This isn’t just another trade show; it’s the “can’t miss” event for photo enthusiasts. Join in a Photo Walk around The Big Apple. Take a Master Class. Attend a Drone or Filmmaking Session. Get up close and personal with the latest technologies, presented by over 200 exhibitors. There’s just no end to what you can see, learn and do!

PPE 2017 happens Oct. 26 – 28 and we want to see YOU there! Register today through our page for your Free Expo Pass and discounts! HURRY! Advance registration ends September 12th!


Written by Dana Crandell

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