Videomaker Editors Choice Award for Irix Cine

Irix Cine Lenses Receive More Recognition!

Irix Cine lenses are gaining popularity around the globe. This week, we’re proud to announce that Videomaker has presented the Irix 45mm T 1.5 lens with its Editors’ Choice Award.

Irix Cine Lenses are a good choice for novice to professional filmmakers…

The award was announced in a recently published Videomaker Buyer’s Guide Article, entitled, The best lenses for video — 2021. Their write up highlighted “Great image quality” and “Solid build quality” as two of the strengths of the 45mm. It went on to state, “Irix Cine Lenses are a good choice for novice to professional filmmakers and they retail for a fraction of the cost of higher-end lenses.”

Irix 45mm Cine Lens

The Irix team strives to provide the highest possible value in all of our products and we’re pleased to share this acknowledgement of our efforts. We’ll continue our commitment to bringing you the highest quality at the best possible price!

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Written by Dana Crandell

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