Irix Edge 100 Filter Holder

Finally, an Availability Date for The Edge 100 Filter Holder!

The wait is almost over! Irix has announced a final availability date for the Edge IFH-100 Filter Holder! This long-awaited addition the Edge line will be released on 12/09/2018. Irix USA is already making plans to provide inventory to our authorized US retailers as quickly as possible.

This is great news for Irix 15mm shooters, since the holder was developed to fit the ultrawide lens without causing vignetting. It’s also good news for anyone who wants to add a versatile, ultra-slim, dual-slot, 100mm square/rectangular filter holder to their gear. Adapters are available for filter threads from 52mm through 95mm.

Based on this innovative filter holder, the Edge 100 system includes a full line of 100mm Neutral Density (ND) filters and an even greater selection of 100mm x 150mm Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters.

The IFH-100 Filter Holder

Irix Edge IFH-100 Filter Holder Exploded View

The ultra-slim holder accepts 2 filters. It’s rugged, lightweight and adaptable to fit an incredibly wide range of lenses.

Irix Edge 100 filters are manufactured of the highest quality optical glass and nano-coated to reduce glare and facilitate scratch and oil resistance. Their true neutral color eliminates color casts.

Solid ND Filters

Irix 100mm square solid ND filters are designed to extend exposure times, for creative effects like motion-blurred clouds and other objects, those silky water effects and more.

Irix Edge 100 System

These filters are available in these densities:

  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND8: 0.9 (3 Stops)
  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND32: 1.5 (5 Stops)
  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND128: 2.1 (7 Stops)
  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND256: 2.4 (8 Stops)
  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND1000: 3.0 (10 Stops)
  • Irix Edge 100 IR ND32000: 4.5 (15 Stops)

Graduated ND Filters

When it comes to balancing exposure, nothing performs like a Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filter. Bright skies and darker foregrounds are one example of a problematic situation for exposing a scene properly. Typically, this type of scene will result in either an overexposed, uninteresting sky or a silhouetted foreground with no detail, depending on where you choose to meter the scene.

The addition of a GND filter allows you to darken the sky while maintaining the proper exposure for the foreground. This creates a more balanced exposure overall and helps maintain detail across the entire frame.  For this and similar lighting scenarios, a GND filter is a photographer’s best friend.

Irix Edge GND filters are 100mm x 150mm, manufactured of high-quality optical class and come in 3 styles:

Hard Graduated ND Filters

Irix Hard GND Filter

For scenes with an abrupt, linear transition between the dark and light areas, these filters are the best choice. For example, when shooting a seascape where the ocean creates a flat horizon against the sky or a landscape with no features on the horizon this is usually the best option.

These optical glass filters are available in these densities:

  • Irix Edge 100 Hard nano GND4: 0.6
  • Irix Edge 100 Hard nano GND8: 0.9

Soft Graduated GND Filters

Irix Edge 100 Soft GND FIlter

When the transition between light and dark is more complex, such as a mountainous skyline or forest, you need a GND filter with a more gradual transition in density Irix Edge 100 Soft GND Filters are ideal for these situations.

These filters are available in these densities:

  • Irix Edge 100 Soft nano GND: 4 0.6
  • Irix Edge 100 Soft nano GND8: 0.9
  • Irix Edge 100 Soft nano GND16: 1.2
  • Irix Edge 100 Soft nano GND32: 1.5

Irix Edge 100 Reverse GND Filter

This specialty GND filter is designed for one specific scenario: sunrises and sunsets. These difficult exposures involve not only a transition from the sky to the foreground, but a very bright area: the sun itself.

Featuring a hard transition at the center, this filter also has a soft transition back to a lower density at the top. This allows you to retain brilliant color and balanced exposure in the sky during those golden moments.

The Edge 100 Reverse GND  is available in one density: GND8: 0.9

Irix Edge 100 Filter Protectors

Irix Edge Square Filter Protector Set IFHP-100-PS1-

Another welcome addition to the Edge 100 line are the Edge 100 Square Filter Protectors. Although All Edge 100 filters have angled corners to resist chipping, breaking and cracking, a hard impact to the edge can still cause damage. These protective sleeves cushion your filter edges to help prevent accidents.

The second important function of the black, light-absorbent protectors is to prevent light from entering the exposed edge of the filter. This reduces excessive contrast and helps prevent flaring.

Watch Our US Retailer Sites!

We’re excited and anxious to finally offer this new addition to the Irix family. We’ll post full information on the Edge 100 products to our website soon. Keep an eye on the websites of our authorized US dealers:

B&H Photo & Video
Focus Camera
Amazon (Make sure that the dealer listed is Irix USA)
Perry Computer & Photo Supply

Buying from the dealers listed above will ensure that you receive the full US warranty!

Written by Dana Crandell


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  1. so, to use the filter holder with the 15mm, do you need a lens adapter? ( IFHA-100-M95 ) Or does it mount directly to the lens?

    • Hi Rob,
      The filter holder comes with a ring that locks on to the lens hood mounting lugs on the 15mm, allowing it to replace the lens hood. Adapter rings are only needed for mounting it to other lenses.

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