Northern Lights over Iceland

Explore Iceland with National Parks at Night

Shoot the waterfalls, geothermal wonders, ice caves and maybe even the Northern Lights

Iceland’s South Coast is a photographer’s dream. We’re excited to share the news of a wonderful opportunity to experience and photograph this incredible location with some of the best! Photograph this unique island as a member of a small group, in an informal atmosphere with one-on-one guidance from experienced professionals! You can bring along a non-photographer, too!

Small iceberg

Over 8 days and 9 nights, you’ll shoot day and night in prime locations with Lance Keimig and either Matt Hill or Chris Nicholson (depending on the tour dates you choose). Your instructors will be there to help, but this isn’t a structured workshop. Instead, it’s a tour designed to put you in the right places at the right times and let you photograph them. No formal review sessions. No group lessons. Just shoot and drink in the experience! (We’re also pleased to say that you’ll be able to try the Irix 15mm and 11mm lenses while you’re there.)

Photo session in an Icelandic ice cave

If you’ve been waiting for the chance to capture all the beauty and drama of Iceland, this is it! Two tours are available in March of 2018 for photographers of all skill levels. After you reserve your spot, you’ll receive links to educational materials to help you prepare. Space is limited, so get all the details and book your spots early!

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Written by Dana Crandell

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