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    Christmas Light Photography: 11 Quick Tips

    Photo of Christmas lights and tree

    ‘Tis the season for Christmas light photography! By now, it’s likely you can find dazzling displays of Christmas lights everywhere in your town or city. If you’re like most photographers, that means it’s time to get out and start shooting. With the spirit of the Holiday Season in mind, we’re offering this list of tips […]

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    What’s so Special About a Cinema Lens?

    Irix 150mm Cine macro Dragonfly lens

    With the release of the first lens in the Irix Cine line on the horizon, many of our followers may be wondering about the difference between a still camera lens and one designed for cinematography. There are significant differences and I’ll do my best to explain them in this article. Let’s start with the differences […]

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    8 Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

    Waterfalls are one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent spectacles. Who doesn’t love the sight and sound of them? From tinkling cascades to thundering torrents, these scenic wonders offer wonderful opportunities for capturing images. In this post, I’ll offer some simple tips to help you make the most of your waterfall shoots. 1. Don’t spend a […]

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    8 Tips for Improving Your Macro Photography

    With the release of the new 150mm f/2.8 macro Dragonfly lens and Christmas right around the corner, we thought this might be a good time to offer some insights for creating the best possible macro images. Here’s a quick overview of some methods we recommend. 1. Choose the Right Focal Length The variety of macro […]

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    A Quick Guide to Wide-Angle Fireworks Photography

    Fireworks ©Nicky Xu. All rights reserved.

    Well, Independence Day is only a couple of days away here in the good, ol’ USA! If you live just about anywhere in our country, you can count on some great opportunities for capturing fireworks shots. A good fireworks display is one of the most fun, unpredictable and rewarding spectacles you can photograph. It’s also […]

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    Create Sharper Milky Way Photos with Image Stacking and Irix Lenses

    Dinosaur Under the Milky Way ©Chris Maust

    Capturing the Milky Way can be a rewarding experience for any photographer. It can also be challenging and occasionally frustrating. Bringing out the detail in that big, bright band of celestial objects isn’t always easy. This article will explore one way to enhance your images of our galaxy, using a process known as image stacking. […]

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    Focus Bracketing and Stacking Landscape Photos with Irix Lenses

    Lines in Landscape Composition

    With Milky Way season starting up, many of us will be spending a considerable amount of time out there away from the city lights. Part of the fun of these outings is including the landscapes we visit in our shots of the night sky. It also presents a few challenges, like getting those foregrounds sharp. […]

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    Golden Hour Photography: Are You Doing it Wrong?

    "Cofete Gold" ©Riccardo Mantero

    Here’s a fun little experiment: Go to your favorite photo site and do a search for “golden hour”. Chances are, the majority of the images you’ll find will have the sun in them, just about to dip below or just above the horizon. It’s also very likely that some of those sunrises and sunsets will […]

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    Wide Angle Composition: Vertical and Horizontal Lines

    There’s been enough written about lines in visual composition to fill a substantial library. Nevertheless, some photographers don’t readily recognize and utilize these elements to increase the impact of their images. This is the second article in a series on effective use of line in compositions, with an emphasis on wide-angle photogtraphy. In this installment, […]