Announcing Adobe CC Support for Irix Lens Profiles

Irix 11mm Firefly Lens

Lens correction profiles for the Irix 11mm f/4 and 15mm f/2.4 lenses are now included with Adobe CC software. This has been the case since June 19, 2018 and ACR version 10.4. Adobe Creative Cloud users no longer have to download and install these profiles manually.

Irix has offered these profiles for download for some time, to provide one-click correction of the already-minimal distortion, vignetting and CA inherent in our ultrawide lenses. As our customers know, Irix manual focus lenses support both electronic aperture control and recording of exposure data in EXIF format. This feature provides for accurate adjustment via these profiles and for ongoing software development.

Users of desktop and previous versions of Adobe software may still download the profiles here:

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