Irix USA 2020 Year in Review

2020: The Year in Review from Irix USA

2020 brought challenges for many, in a wide variety of ways. Thanks to our loyal customers and our developing team, it was a banner year for Irix. As the year draws to a close, the Irix USA Team is pleased to offer this look back at the highlights, and a promise for 2021!

March, 2020: The Irix 45mm f/1.4 Dragonfly Lens

Irix 45mm Dragonfly

The first addition to our family of photo gear in 2020 was an anxiously-awaited, still photography version of our 45mm lens. The Cine version was enjoying incredible success and photographers had been lining up in anticipation of the release of “their” lens.

This robust lens in its gap-filling focal length quickly proved itself to be incredibly versatile, ready for street photography, portraiture, landscapes and even astrophotography. What’s more, it was designed to be as useful on your crop sensor camera as the full-frame format.

April, 2020: The Irix Cine Line Receives the Red Dot Award

This prestigious award is presented each year to the outstanding products in several categories, selected from over 15,000 candidates in 80 countries. In 2019, the award in the Industrial Design category was presented to the Irix 150mm f/2.8 macro Dragonfly lens. This year, it was awarded to the ENTIRE Irix Cine line!

May, 2020: The Irix Cine 15mm T 2.6 Lens

Irix Cine 15mm

The Irix Cine line was rounded out with the super-wide, fast, rectilinear 15mm. The “new kid” boasts the same optical configuration as the 15mm f/2.4 still lens, with all the features of our cinematography lenses.

Thanks to its speed, extreme sharpness and carefully engineered adherence to industry standards, the lens quickly became a must-have lens for a videographer’s kit.

August, 2020: The Irix Edge Traveller Case and Kits

Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case

A beautiful filter line deserves a beautiful, functional case and in August of this year, Irix delivered just that. The Traveller case carries the IFH-100 filter holder and up to 3 square or rectangular filters, securely and provides quick, easy access.

We also added 6 filter kits, each compiled with a specific photographic purpose in mind. You’ll find more information in this article: NEW: The Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case

September, 2020: 86mm Irix Edge Filters for Cine Lenses

Irix Edge 86mm Filters

Engineering to meet cinema industry standards means all of our Irix Cine lenses are manufactured with an 86mm front thread. This assures compatibility with the widest range of attachments.

Naturally, we believe our lenses pair best with our premium-quality filters. To facilitate that with the Cine line, we added the 86mm size to our Irix Edge circular filter line.

September, 2020: The Irix Edge SR Filter Series

Irix Circular Polarizer SR

Also in September, a temporarily absent component in our filter line returned along with a new, innovative line of threaded filters. The Irix Circular Polarizer re-appeared as one of the new filters in the SR line.

The SR series features an ultra-slim profile, higher resistance to compression stress, and improved coatings. Check the image above for a breakdown of the SR series features.

October, 2020: Irix Cine RF, Z and L Mounts

Irix Cine new lens mounts

Staying relevant in any industry means responding to technological advances. The Irix development team did just that, with the introduction of mounts for the Cine lens series to fit new mirrorless cameras. The response from videographers was positive and swift. Not surprisingly, it seems Irix gear is a favorite in the video field.

November, 2020: A Redesigned Irix Cine PL Mount

New Cine PL Mount

An innovator pays attention to feedback from its product users. In November, Irix responded to input from its customers about issues with our PL mount for Cine lenses with specific cameras. Those cameras had an unusual mount configuration that prevented proper coupling of the lens to the camera.

The Irix Team acted quickly and responsibly with a redesign of the PL mount to accommodate those camera brands.

November, 2020: Irix Magnetic Mount Filters

Irix Magnetic Mount Filters

November brought even more innovation to the Irix product line.

One of the most revolutionary features of the Irix Cine line is a magnetic mount system, designed to help video professionals manage the quick and efficient attachment swaps required by the industry. The logical addition to this system was a line of magnetic mount filters, and the developing team delivered!

December, 2020: Looking Back, with Gratitude!

While we watch the clock run down toward the end of the year, we can’t help but give a shout out to all you Irix shooters out there! None of our accomplishments would have been possible without the support and feedback of our customers. We’re ending 2020 with even more loyal customers and that’s the most important accomplishment of all.

Thank you for bringing Irix along with you on your photographic journeys and for sharing your amazing captures! You are the most valuable members of the Irix family and we hope to continue to grow together.

Our Promise for 2021

Our commitment at Irix USA has always been to work with the global Irix team to bring you the highest quality, cutting-edge products at affordable prices, backed by responsive and efficient customer service. Our promise to you for the coming year is to redouble those efforts and to continue to encourage your input, so that we can better serve your needs. Our virtual door is always open!

What’s in store for the New Year?

We’ve been listening! Irix already has surprises on the way for 2021! We’re not at liberty to divulge too much information, but it might be that some new focal lengths and mounts might be on the horizon for both the still and cinema lenses….

We’ll let you know as soon as we can! Meanwhile, Happy New Year from the entire Irix team!

Written by Dana Crandell

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